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Welcome back to the party! Rocco’s Lounge Party 17 with new music from Monsieur Blumenberg and his latest release, “Tanamadana”! A track from the new release by Parde2 (Cris Delanno & Alex Moreira) – “Dispositivos Móveis (Mobile Devices)”, Club des Belugas with Brenda Boykin – “Serious Woman”, Gigi El Amoroso – “El Rodriguez”, Robert Passera – “Real Love”, Mr. Juan – “Hey!” Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra – “Sing Sing Sing [Koko Chanel Remix]” and much, much more. Enjoy the party!

1) Sois Italien (Balera Balearic Extended) – Dimi-Nuendo
2) Trouble Jazz (Jazzy Club)-Blender
3) Campari and Soda-Ursula 1000 & Qypthone
4) Dispositivos Móveis-Parde2, Cris Delanno & Alex Moreira
5) Candy Spaceship-Snail’s House
6) Serious Woman-Club des Belugas with Brenda Boykin
7) Toma Dengosa-Bonde do Vinho
8) Moonbeans-The Coconut Monkeyrocket
9) Real Love-Robert Passera
10) Robot-Kim & Buran
11) Love Generation-Montefiori Cocktail
12) Amor Amor-Ciabatta/Paletta
13) El Rodriguez-Gigi El Amoroso
14) Tanamadana-Monsieur Blumenberg
15) Hey!-Mr. Juan (Juanitos)
16) Sing Sing Sing (Koko Chanel Remix)-Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra
17) Groovy Motion-Low Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra

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