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Rocco’s Música!Musica! first hit the internet airwaves in 2005. Initially the station, streaming on Live365, was focused on Brazilian and Italian music, but soon expanded its repertoire to include music from all over the world.

The slogan, It’s not world music. It’s music from around the world comes from the station going beyond the well-established genre of traditionally-based world music to bring other sounds from across the planet. From Brazilian hip-hop to vintage Japanese bossa nova. From Italian lounge to Baltic break beat. From French pop to Russian je ne sais quoi but I like it. Rocco’s Música!Musica! looks to play music, new and old, from around the globe. Music for dancing, for listening, for loving, for dreaming, for inspiring, for having fun. Different beats, different genres, different eras.

Rocco’s Música!Musica! will also be introducing to you some of the featured artists such as Barcelona Spain’s Gigi El Amoroso, Parma Italy’s Robert Passera and São Paulo Brazil’s Luiz Macedo, just to name a few.

Now on Mixcloud, Rocco’s Música!Musica! continues its global musical journey with new shows uploaded every week. You can tune in on Mixcloud or right here on roccosmusicamusica.com.

Contact us:  info@roccosmusicamusica.com

Original programming on CINEROCCO! Rocco’s YouTube channel presents music videos, shorts, comedy and travel vignettes. There are also music playlists a la Rocco for your listening pleasure! You can view what’s NOW PLAYING at Cinerocco right here on roccosmusicamusica.com or visit Cinerocco’s channel on YouTube!  And if you’re looking for someone to produce a simple video for YouTube, Facebook and/or your website, we can produce one for you at a very affordable price. Contact us at info@roccosmusicamusica.com and we can exchange some ideas.

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Rocco’Shop is a reflection of the eclectic music played on Rocco’s Música!Musica! From coffee cups and shirts with Rocco’s colorful global logo to roundels of different nations to unique and original retro designs. Rocco’Shop first originated on Cafe Press around 2006. The shop then moved to Zazzle for a few years, and has now joined Shopify to continue bringing Rocco’s worldly global goods to the worldly global market. (say that three times fast!) Visit Rocco’Shop!

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Rocco’s Música!Musica! was inspired by an orange tabby named Rocco Caramello. Originally from Vancouver, BC, Canada, Rocco moved to Bahia, Brazil where he thrived – hanging out with the ducks in the neighborhood, gawking at little monkeys, hunting mice, lizards and other little creatures, making friends with turtles, climbing trees and chilling with his Brazilian cousins. Rocco has since moved onto the other side of the feline world, but his spirit and joie de vivre are always present.


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