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Welcome to Rocco’s Música!Musica! An excursion through modern and vintage sounds from around the globe. Every week we offer new shows for your listening pleasure. While you’re listening, you can read Rocco’s Blog – articles, reviews and interviews with featured artists. You can also watch some original programming on our YouTube channel, Cinerocco! And if you miss a show, not to worry. Just click on More Shows and choose the show you’d like to hear. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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Rocco is going to take a break for the next little while. Please enjoy below a selection of some of Rocco’s favorite playlists! Programs such as Rocco’s Weekend Lounge, Rocco’s Lounge Italiano, Rocco’s Bossa Pura, Rocco’s Metropolitan Lounge, Rocco’s V2 Lounge (all vintage, all vinyl), Rocco’s Jazz, Rocco Here/Rocco There and Rocco’s Classic Lounge.

Other playlists can be found by clicking More Shows. Rocco’s Lounge Party, Rocco’s Friendly Skies, Rocco’s Nova Bossa, Rocco’s Lounge International and more.

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Rocco’s Weekend Lounge

96 episodes of weekend vibes for your listening pleasure.

Rocco’s Lounge Italiano

20 episodes of vintage and modern Italian lounge. Buon ascolto!

Rocco’s Bossa Pura

20 episodes of classic and contemporary bossa nova.

Rocco’s Metropolian Lounge

22 episodes of urban vibes for your enjoyment.

Rocco’s V2 Lounge

42 shows of vintage vinyl goodness.

Rocco’s Jazz
11 episodes of jazz music.
Rocco Here, Rocco There
10 episodes of modern and vintage sounds from around the world.
Rocco’s Classic Lounge
7 episodes of the classic lounge sound. Esquivel, Martin Denny, Louis Prima, Yma Sumac, Walter Wanderley and more.

Who is tuning in? Thank you for listening!

Music: Washed Out – Hard to Say Goodbye (iMovie)

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