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Bentornati a Rocco’s Lounge Italiano, presenting on our 20esimo episode modern Italian vibes with Ivana Parnasso “Love”, Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra “The Rhytmo”, Lucia Fodde from her latest release Traces of You and “Never Will I Marry”, Marchio Bossa “Ti Seguirò” and Papik & Ridillo “Innocenti Evasioni”. Plus we have cued up for you Montefiori Cocktail, The Shiffers, Sam Paglia, Italian Secret Service and much more. Please enjoy and thank you for listening.

Rocco’s Lounge Italiano 20 playlist

Love-Ivana Parnasso

Mob Job-Capiozzo e Mecco

Other Directions-Nicola Conte

Innocenti evasioni (feat. Ridillo)-Papik & Ridillo

Erika Rikk-Robert Passera w/Monsieur Blumenberg

Ti seguirò-Marchio Bossa

Via Beato Angelico-Italian Secret Service

Never Will I Marry-Lucia Fodde 


The Rhytmo-Bebo Best/Magnetic4

Sweet Lavalamp-Sam Paglia

Riviera Beat (dedicato a donna Nocchiera & Co.)-Montefiori Cocktail

Fate Le Coppie-The Shiffers

I Was A Ye Ye Girl-Doing Time


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Last week’s program 09-23-22

Luiz Macedo – Biscoitos Finos para as Moças


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