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The weekend has returned! Welcome to Rocco’s Weekend Lounge 92.

Just released today! Tony Finch Marino’s new single “Slaves Of Love”

Bebo Best and Brain Eno collab on “Metamorph” featuring Top 10 Inc., Tantra and Scompabop

The Ukraine’s Kin Chi Kat featuring Ashley Slater and Ahayuasca SONAS Remix

Another new track from Ed Motta’s October release, Behind the Tea Chronicles, and “Deluxe Refuge”

“Sicilian Mission” from Ivana Parnasso’s latest release Licence to Sound

From the Johan Leijonhufvud Trio, “Bopcorn” from their brand new album, Nifty Fifty

Plus some Rocco classics! “Inner City Blues” Hammond Express, “Isn’t She Lovely” Cris Delanno, “Déjà Vu” Montefiori Cocktail, “Could It Be Love” Latin Bitman and Natalia Clavier plus more more. Please enjoy your weekend and thank you for listening.

Rocco’s Weekend Lounge 92 playlist:

Metamorph (feat Top 10 Inc./Tantra/Scompabop)-Bebo Best/Brain Eno

Ahayuasca SONAS Remix (Vocal) -Kin Chi Kat feat Ashley Slater

Inner City Blues-Hammond Express

Senza Paura-Quintetto X

Deluxe Refuge-Ed Motta

Bopcorn-Johan Leijonhufvud Trio

Isn’t She Lovely-Cris Delanno

Sicilian Mission-Ivana Parnasso

Best Life-LTJ X-Perience/Papik/Anduze

Could It Be Love (feat. Natalia Clavier)-Latin Bitman

Cotidiano-DJ Marcelinho DaLua/Seu Jorge

Déjá Vu-Montefiori Cocktail

Slaves Of Love-Tony Finch Marino

Dance Dance Dance– asuka + eRika

Afro Sex Sound Machine-Magnetic4

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2017 – The first installment of Rocco’s Lounge Italiano. Ivana Parnasso, Montefiori Cocktail, Daniele Benati, Papik, Alessandro Magnanini, Nicola Conte, Silvia Manco, Robert Passera and more!

Our previous program 09-15-23

Who is tuning in? Thank you for listening!

Music: Washed Out – Hard to Say Goodbye (iMovie)

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