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The weekend has returned! Welcome to Rocco’s Weekend Lounge 82.

We have cued up for you a wonderful new cinematic work by Ivana Parnasso – “Sicilian Mission”.

Bahama Soul Club also has an upcoming new single to be released July 7th – “Surfing Zavial”. You can hear it here!

Papik also has a new tune, “Montecarlo” featuring Nicole Magolie.

Plus Ukraine’s Kin Chi Kat has just released their latest, “Don’t Give Up On Freedom” featuring Ashley Slater.

You’ll also hear Lucia Fodde’s lovely “Wild Land” from her 2022 album, Traces of You.

CHUS BZN’s nice remix of Brigitte Bardot’s “Contact”.

Plus as always, we have for your listening pleasure many Rocco classics! Nu Braz “Scherzi di Primavera”, Gigi El Amoroso “Cocktail & Bossa”, Ursula 1000 “Kinda Kinky (A. Skillz Vocal Remix)”, Montefiori Cocktail “Another B”, Funk ‘N’ Lata/Ivo Mereilles “Baile Funk Medley” and much, much more. Please enjoy your weekend and thank you for listening.

Rocco’s Bossa Pura 20 playlist:

Surfing Zavial-Bahama Soul Club

Montecarlo-Papik & Nicole Magolie

Vento Doce-S-Tone Inc with Toco

Desde Que O Samba E Samba-Bebo Best/Magnetic4

Baile Funk Medley-Funk ‘N’ Lata/Ivo Meirelles

Contact (Chus Bzn Remix)-Brigitte Bardot

Don’t Give Up Your Freedom (feat. Ashley Slater) [Your love Mix]-Kin Chi Kat         

Kinda’ Kinky (A.Skillz Vocal Remix)-Ursula 1000   

Take Control-Gui Boratto

Sicilian Mission-Ivana Parnasso

Wild Land-Lucia Fodde

Cocktail & Bossa-Gigi El Amoroso

When You Wish Upon a Star-Nicola Conte Jazz Combo

Another B-Montefiori Cocktail

Scherzi Di Primavera-Nu Braz

Bacharach-Fitness Forever         

Our previous program 05-26-23

Who is tuning in? Thank you for listening!

Music: “Springtime” – Jeff Babko (iMovie)

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