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Welcome to Rocco’s Weekend Lounge 110!

We present for your listening pleasure:

Two tracks from the debut album by London-based band Wonder 45 with “Into the Fire” and “Make It Happen”.

Croatia’s Newera are geared for this year’s European footy championship with their single, “Kad navija Dalmacija”.

Tape Five, Germany-based multi-national music project has a new album – Best of…Swing Edition. We have cued up for you “Pantaloons (feat. Yuliet Topaz)” and “A Cool Cat In Town (feat. Brenda Boykin)”.

Italy’s Attilio Zanchi from his latest, Mingus Portrait, and “For Harry Carney (DJ Farrapo Remix)”.

Barcelona’s Gigi El Amoroso with his recent release “Our anemoia”.

Ukraine’s Kin Chi Kat and “Odessa Strawberries (feat. Ashley Slater)”

Plus Ivana Parnasso, Bebo Best, Papik, Tony Finch Marino, Maiiah & Angels of Love, Monsieur Blumenberg and more! Please enjoy your weekend and thank you for listening.

Rocco’s Weekend Lounge 110 playlist:

Wonder 45 – Into the Fire

Tape Five – Pantaloons (feat. Yuliet Topaz)

Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra – I Soliti Ignoti

Monsieur Blumenberg – Ouverture

Attilio Zanchi – For Harry Carney (DJ Farrapo Remix)

Papik & Laura Lanzillo – Specchi Riflessi

Gigi El Amoroso – Our anemoia

Ivana Parnasso – Sicilian Mission

Zuco 103 – Outro Lado

Kin Chi Kat – Odessa Strawberries (feat. Ashley Slater)

Newera – Kad navija Dalmacija

Tony Finch MarinoOn the Funky Side of the Street

Maiiah & Angels of Libra – Kava

Wonder 45 – Make It Happen

Tape Five – A Cool Cat In Town (feat. Brenda Boykin)

Club des Belugas & Maya Fadeeva – Catching Summertime

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Who is tuning in? Thank you for listening!

Kin Chi Kat – Don’t Give Up Your Freedom

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