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The weekend is back! Welcome to Rocco’s Weekend Lounge 72. We introduce Saint Tropez Motel (Vanni Crociani, piano; Daniele Tizzano, batteria; Enrico Giulianini, sax) and their first single, “ATAMAZ”!

Plus the latest single by Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra – “Green Boogaloo (feat. Duzzy)”.

Bossacucanova has a new release! “A Bossa é Cuca Nova” featuring Carlos Lyra, Cris Delanno and João Donato.

Also the latest by the Bahama Soul Club “HangOut”

We also present Abiola from her album Abiola Time and “Feel This Good”; Ivana Parnasso “Never Worry”, MrJuan “American Faces”, Marchio Bossa & Ryu Zee Su “Secret Love Affair”, “Haré La Película” by Gigi El Amoroso, Alessandro Magnanini “Secret Lover (feat. Jenny B)” and much more. Enjoy your weekend! And thank you for listening.

Rocco’s Weekend Lounge 72 playlist

Outra Vez [S-Tone Inc. Remix]-Cris Delanno                         

Secret Love Affair-Marchio Bossa & Ryu Zee Su  

Incidental Montage-FreeTempo

Bota Pra Quebrar-DJ Rodriguez

Green Boogaloo – Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra w/ Duzzy                     

American Faces –MrJuan              

HangOut feat. Hedvig Larsson & Cutty Wren –The Bahama Soul Club         

Never Worry-Ivana Parnasso      

Secret Lover (feat. Jenny B)-Alessandro Magnanini                           

Haré La Película –Gigi el Amoroso             

A Bossa é Cuca Nova (feat. Carlos Lyra, Cris Delanno & João Donato)-Bossacucanova       

Feel This Good-Abiola   

Maracatu Atômico-Nicola Conte & Stefania Dipierro        

Well All Right! (Zouzoulectric Swing Remix)-The Andrews Sisters

Atamaz – Saint Tropez Motel

Finti Cents-BARBEAT                      

Odoya feat. Toco-S-Tone Inc      

Who is tuning in? Thank you for listening!

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