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Welcome back to the weekend and Rocco’s Weekend Lounge 76.

We present new music: The latest single by Miriam Netti and “Take Love Easy”.

Introducing Ella & the Bossa Beat with Toco and the just-released “Areia”.

Ursula 1000’s latest – “The Glass Dragon” as well as Il Santo’s recently released “Walking to the Moon” featuring Meezy.

A track from Gerardo Frisina’s new album, Joyful Sound, and “Africa (Brasil)”; plus the 70’s inspired “Hustle Bump” by Club des Belugas. And Bossacucanova’s “A Bossa é Cuca Nova” featuring Carlos Lyra, Cris Delanno & João Donato.

We also have cued up for you some Rocco classics: Italian Secret Service “Not the Same”, Les Hommes “Intraspettro”, Gigi El Amoroso “Cocktail & Bossa”, Alan Wiseman’s “Samba de Mo”, Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra “Saronno On the Rocks”, Gabin & Dee Dee Bridgewater “Into My Soul” plus much more. Please enjoy your weekend and thank you for listening.

Rocco’s Weekend Lounge 76 playlist:

Intraspettro-Les Hommes

The Rooster Calls ft Josephine Nightingale-The Bahama Soul Club

Not the Same-Italian Secret Service

This Is It (É Isso) -Sergio Mendes

A Bossa é Cuca Nova (feat. Carlos Lyra, Cris Delanno & João Donato)-Bossacucanova

Areia-Ella & The Bossa Beat With Toco

Walking to the moon (feat. Meezy)-Il Santo

Samba De Mo-Alan Weisman

Cocktail & Bossa-Gigi El Amoroso

Take Love Easy-Miriam Netti

Saronno On the Rocks-Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra

The Glass Dragon-Ursula 1000

Africa (Brasil)-Gerardo Frisina

Hustle Bump (Radio Mix)-Club Des Belugas

Into My Soul-Gabin/Dee Dee Bridgewater

In the Mood For Joy-S-Tone Inc

Who is tuning in? Thank you for listening!

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