20 Questions with Gigi El Amoroso

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1) What is your name?

Gigi El Amoroso. This name was given to me many years ago by friends, because I was very sweet and loving.

2) Where were you born?

I was born in Barcelona, Spain in the neighborhood of Las Tres Torres, kind of a snooty, high-class neighborhood. But since that first day I lived in another neighborhood.

3) Where do you live?

I currently live in Barcelona specifically in the neighborhood of Gràcia, a very interesting place full of small bars and boutiques.


4. How many years have you been a dj?

I started as a professional dj in 1996, visiting more than 160 clubs across Europe. Next year will mark 20 years in this profession, so I will have to commemorate it. Still don’t know what to do, but something fun for sure.

5) How did you become interested in being a dj?

When I was a kid, I spent holidays at my uncles’ home. My older cousin bought records and I listened to them intently. Later, another cousin bought a turntable and a mixer and taught me the technical principles. I enjoyed going to record stores to discover new artists. All the money I earned went to buying records, many of them imports.

6) What type of equipment do you use? I imagine the turntable is a thing of the past…

I started first using vinyl and cassettes.In my dj sessions I used turntables. Later, I continued with cd players.Currently I’m using a computer, Traktor software and a controller.


7) What do you like most about being a dj?

Being a dj has several positives. The first is being able to play music, something that I’ve done since childhood, but there’s also the power to make people enjoy themselves and have a good time. Of course, there’s also free drinks and the opportunity to chat with beautiful women.

8) Who are your musical influences?

From the beginning I have listened to and bought music of many different styles. Mainly lounge in all its variants, house, hip hop, soul and funk. People from Kraftwerk to Sergio Mendes to house pioneers Mr. Fingers or Marshall Jefferson to Japanese artists like Nobukazu Takemura or Towa Tei.

9) The creative process. How do you create your music?

When I compose themes, I start with a melody that makes me feel a special something, I then build a rhythmic scheme and add other instruments and ambience. I then finish rounding out the theme with a few arrangements.

10) El fútbol. Soccer. Are you a fan of FC Barcelona?

I was never a super fan of soccer, although there was a time when I followed it. My father was Valencian and played professionally with teams in that region. So, of course this influenced me to cheer for Valencia. Never was really for FC Barcelona, although I am a friend and have worked for the former president of that club.


11) Food. What is your favorite dish?

It’s difficult to answer that question. Food is like music. It depends on the moment and your state of being. At times you want something basic, other times something more sophisticated. I liked baked fish, vegetables, a good beef tenderloin, in general I like almost everything.

12) Film. What is your favorite film or who is your favorite director?

My favorite film is Blade Runner. I love the atmosphere, its existentialist vibe and how can one not love the soundtrack performed by Vangelis.

13) What are some of your favorite places to play?

Any place where people are receptive and eager to enjoy music. I have to admit that lately I like to play at open venues such as terraces, swimming pools, boats. Places where you can see the sky.


14) Travelling. Where would you like to travel?

The planet has many wonderful places. With time, the USA, Japan or Russia, I would love.

15) “The Best Girl In U.S.S.R.” by Messer Für Frau Müller. Rocco likes it. Do you like it?

I love this theme. Shows lots of humor. Of course I love Rocco, music of different styles, but with one thing in common: quality.



16) You have recorded many albums, singles and collaborations. Is there a particular favorite? Are there any in the works?

The truth is that I enjoyed working with Louis Chirillo putting his voice to my theme “Alone in Saturn”, but I must also say that each collaboration with every artist is fantastic. As for now, I am going to continue producing themes, while the ideas and visions are flowing.

17) What music genres do you like?

I like many musical genres: lounge, bossa nova, jazz, deep house, soul…


Playlist: Gigi El Amoroso on YouTube

18) Do you have a favorite composer?

Burt Bacharach and Kraftwerk.

19) Do you have a favorite song of all time? Does this exist?

I can’t answer that. There are too many.

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20)You are friends with the Montefiori brothers of Montefiori Cocktail. How did you manage to hook up with them?

It was a lot of fun. I got a gig with clothing line Skunkfunk to spin at an event in the Basque country. When I arrived there, I found Montefiori Cocktail was also performing at the same event. So before my set I went over to them and said hello. I still stay in contact with Kikko by email.

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