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In 2005 Rocco Caramello, loveable cat and all-around good guy, inspired an online radio station. Thus, Rocco’s Música!Musica! was born. With the slogan “It’s not world music. It’s music from around the world” Rocco spins music, vintage and modern, from all over the world. Originally on Live365, Rocco’s Música!Musica! can now be heard via Mixcloud with new shows posted every week.

Rocco supports unique artists like Italy’s Bebo Best, Montefiori Cocktail, Ivana Parnasso and Daniele Benati to Brasil’s Luiz Macedo, Ale Vanzella and Daúde. Kenya’s Christine Lamau, Russia’s Kim & Buran and Japan’s Y-Space are just a few of the special artists you’ll hear on Rocco’s Música!Musica!

Tune in our many series such as Rocco’s Metropolitan Lounge, Rocco’s VV Lounge (all vintage, all vinyl), Rocco’s Easy Listening, Rocco’s Bossa Pura and many more from which to choose! You can tune in on Mixcloud or right here on roccosmusicamusica.com.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy it. – Louis Chirillo

Contact us:  info@roccosmusicamusica.com


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Rocco’Shop is a reflection of the eclectic music played on Rocco’s Música!Musica! From Rocco’s colorful global logo to many unique designs on shirts, mugs, phone cases, tote bags and more. We even do custom designs and can create something just for you! Rocco’Shop first originated on Cafe Press around 2006. The shop then moved to Zazzle for a few years, and has now joined Shopify and Printify to continue bringing Rocco’s designs to the world.

Original programming on CINEROCCO! Rocco’s YouTube channel presents music videos, shorts, comedy and travel vignettes. There are also music playlists a la Rocco for your listening pleasure! You can view what’s NOW PLAYING at Cinerocco right here on roccosmusicamusica.com or visit Cinerocco’s channel on YouTube!  And if you’re looking for someone to produce a simple video for YouTube, Facebook and/or your website, we can produce one for you at a very affordable price. Contact us at info@roccosmusicamusica.com and we can exchange some ideas.

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Rocco’s Música!Musica! originated in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In 2008, Rocco moved his corporate headquarters to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. (except the litter box. He opted to purchase one in Brazil) In 2012, Rocco’s empire then moved to Seattle, Washington, USA, where we continue to share modern and vintage vibes as well as help promote artists from all over the world. We hope you enjoy Rocco’s Música!Musica! And if you are ever looking for a unique gift idea, please visit Rocco’Shop!


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