Below you will find many of the shows featured on Rocco’s Música!Musica! Programs such as our Weekend Lounge series, our VV Lounge series (all vintage, all vinyl), Rocco’s Bossa Pura and Rocco’s Metropolitan Lounge, just to name only a few of our many shows.

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Rocco’s Weekend Lounge

Rocco’s Weekend Lounge features vintage and modern beats for dancin’ and chillin’ on your weekend. Lounge, electronica, house, neo bossa, dance, nu jazz, latin house, hip-hop, electro swing and much more! 20 shows in all. Enjoy your weekend.

Rocco’s Lounge Party

More vibes for dancin’ and chillin’. Artists such as Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra, Gazzara, Whosilkymusic?, Club des Belugas,  Bahama Soul Club, Marcelo D2, Montefiori Cocktail, Latin Bitman, Bebel Gilberto and much more.

Rocco’s Metropolitan Lounge

12 episodes of Rocco’s Metropolitan Lounge. Vintage and modern urban vibes for your enjoyment. Lounge, house, electronica, jazz and more. Artists such as Nicola Conte, Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra, Gigi El Amoroso, Jean Honeymoon, Bahama Soul Club, Rosalia de Souza, Gerardo Frisina and much more.

Rocco’s Bossa Pura

Traditional bossa nova from the era sprinkled with some modern bossa. You will find the greats of the genre: Antônio Carlos Jobim, João Gilberto, Nara Leão, Roberto Menescal, Carlos Lyra, Os Cariocas, Astrud Gilberto, Marcos Valle, Sergio Mendes, Luiz Carlos Vinhas and many more. 15 episodes in all.

Rocco’s V2 Lounge

Rocco’s V2 Lounge. All vintage. All vinyl. Henry Mancini, Perez Prado, Nancy Wilson, Enoch Light, Cal Tjader, Djalma Ferreira, Les Baxter, Martin Denny, Walter Wanderley, Lalo Schifrin, Vince Guaraldi, Dionne Warwick, The Barry Sisters, Eartha Kitt, Tito Puente, Amalia Rodrigues, George Shearing, Louis Prima, Keely Smith, Urszula Sipińska, Laurindo Almeida, Zaccarias and His Orchestra and much more. 20 shows for your vinyl listening pleasure.

Rocco’s Friendly Skies

In-flight music to accompany you around the world! Journeys through lounge, dance, hip hop, bossa, bhangra and many other musical destinations, old and new.

Rocco’s Easy Listening

Rocco’s Easy Listening. Vintage and modern easy listening for your easy listening pleasure.

Rocco Jazz

Five shows (with more to come) featuring a fine selection of jazz.  Ellington, Coltrane, Davis, Gillespie, Bird, Vaughan, Mingus and much, much more. Enjoy.

Rocco Italia

Vintage and modern Italian vibes. 8 shows to choose from. Check out Rocco’s Lounge Italiano, Rocco Loves Irma, Rocco’s Sexy Sessanta, Rocco Italo and the Festival Sanrocco!

Rocco Brasil

Vintage and modern Brazilian vibes. Take a listen to Rocco’s Lounge Brasileiro, RoccoSamba, Rocco’s Saudades do Brasil and a homage to Antônio Carlos Jobim. Eight shows to enjoy.

Rocco’s Lounge International

Global lounge for your enjoyment. Artists such as Nicola Conte, Gigi El Amoroso, Club des Belugas, Boogie Belgique, Ivana Parnasso, Montefiori Cocktail, y-space and much, much more.

Rocco’s Summer

Vintage and modern summer vibes. Check out Rocco’s Easy Summer and Rocco’s Summer Evening.

Club Rocco

Step into Club Rocco. Music for dancing. Music for lounging. Artists like Robert Passera, Bossacucanova, Koop, Mexican Institute of Sound, ChocQuibTown, Max Chorny, LTJ Xperience, Kekkotronics, Mellow Orange and more.

Rocco A Go-Go!

Welcome to Rocco A Go-Go! Modern and vintage pop, rock, soul and more for your go-go dancing pleasure.

Rocco Vario

Here you will find a playlist of various shows with unique and fun music. Check out Rocco’s Punk Lounge, Rocco’s Catwalk, Rocco’s Party Pazzo, Rocco’s Pizza Party, Rocco Eletrico and The Cat From R.O.C.C.O.!

Rocco Here. Rocco There.

Shows that take you on a journey. Take a trip with such shows as Rocco’s Musical Holiday in Paris, Rocco’s NYC,  Rocco’s Nova Bossa, Rocco’s Mambo Madness and Rocco Tango.

Rocco’s Nova Bossa

Rocco’s Nova Bossa. Modern bossa and bossa-inspired themes for the 21st century. Nicola Conte, Stefania Dipierro, Ely Bruna, Ale Vanzella, Bossacucanova, Ivana Parnasso and much more.

Rocco d’Amore

Music of love, happiness and longing. Check out Rocco’s Love Lounge, Rocco Amor and Rocco’s Felicità.

Rocco’s Friends

A few shows dedicated to special people in Rocco’s life. Enjoy.

Rocco’s Classic Lounge

Lounge. The old school. Martin Denny, Juan Garcia Esquivel, Fausto Papetti, The Double Six of Paris, Walter Wanderley, Orquestra Los Romanticos de Cuba, Henry Mancini, Percy Faith and much more. Check out Rocco’s Old School Lounge Skirmish and Rocco’s Cocktails.

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